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Just going off that list, I would think that Toronto and Cleveland would be the top 2 destinations, given the opportunity and direction the teams are headed. Personally I'd give the nod to Toronto, but who knows what his thought process is. A lineup with Gay & Lowry, along with youngsters like Valanciunas, Ross & possibly DeRozan, is the start of a very good, young, talented team.
Is Tristan Thompson a center or PF, and the way he's playing lately I can't see them putting him on the bench. Toronto (if they trade Bargnani) will need a PF and could guarantee Millsap starting minutes.

Other teams that could use a starting caliber PF include Sacramento, Phoenix, Boston, Brooklyn, and the Lakers (if they trade Gasol).

Not every team has cap space but they could engineer trades to get some or do sign and trades. Hopefully Millsap is on Bryan's radar. There have been zero rumours out there that the Raptors are even interested in him.