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A little over the top in my opinion but it's yours so that's fine. You say that Gay struggled because of the style of play that Memphis employed, but isn't that the style that we were building towards? BC hired Casey to coach a defensive team. He brought in players that fit that mold too.

I personally think that Granger is the better fit ($$ not with-standing, I still take Granger) but that train has sailed and it's time to move on. Can Gay elevate his game and not just his stats in Toronto? I hope so, but this roster has no balance right now, which is the general point of the SI article, that Colangelo is haphazard in putting together the team. Which is an assessment that, for the time being, seems bang on.
No, with Lowry running the point we are going to go from a half court plodding offence to a high octane transition offence. As different as it can be...and we will be running up the court with two of the most athletic wings in the game breaking to the basket.

Granger is not the better fit because you have no idea whatsoever how he will return after the injury. He's a better spot up shooter but not a better player at all.

And Gay actually is a very underrated wing defender and rebounder so I don't think this totally takes us out of Casey's comfort range defensively.

How is this roster not more balanced than it was? Our weakest position was SF and we now have a Marquis SF. We had too many point guards so we traded one. We had a long jam at the bigs that doesn't feel that way because of all of the injuries...

Colangelo needs to trade some of our wings to shore up the PG position and then lets see what else he would do. I think we're a more complete team today then we were before but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.