I think we all expect another trade shipping Bargnani and a wing out but for the time being(next 3 weeks or so) how do we divide the wings minutes?Even with small ball there's roughly 108 minutes to be divided between 5 players. I came up with
35 for gay
32 for derozan
20 for fields
18 for Ross
15 for Anderson
Even then that's 120 so that would mean we'd play small ball 50% of the time which would just be stupid.
At the same time you have to give gay and derozan atleast those numbers. You can't nail Ross to the bench because that hinders his development, fields is likely untradeable plus him and gay are the only wings that can play the 4 as well. I feel Anderson is the odd man out but he's top 5 for ppg off the bench and Casey is fond of him even though he's a shitty chucker.

I fear Ross will play little to no minutes until a trade is made. What do you guys think? How would you divide the minutes?