Was just listening on the way home from work and he was saying a big reason they're losing all these close games is because the players aren't being taught what to do. Cited the Miami game specifically, there was 35 seconds or whatever left, that means you ALWAYS go 2 for 1 but instead they waited around leaving ample time for Lebron to win it, which he did. Apparently they did that in a few games this year.

Butch went on to say all players should know this kind of thing, the raps are always a deer in the headlights and can't close out the close games and that's on Casey.

Personally, I'm inclined to agree. I've long said while I love Casey, he's got to bring in someone who's better with X's and O's for these kinds of things. He's a fantastic motivator and the teams grit speaks for itself but i think he needs to take a step back in a couple areas and have someone else focus on those kinds of things.

He also made some interesting comments about Ross being a potential "beast" on both sides of the ball, but needs proper coaching. Then went on a bit about how the bigs are coached well but not so much the perimeter players.

Very interesting.