As a Raps fan this is the best feeling i've felt since the VC era. I feel like next year and in the following years i feel like we have a team that is just not a playoff team but a team that could make some noise.

The acquisition of Rudy Gay is tremendous. Still can't believe we got him for Jose and Ed. No offence to both but Jose after this season will likely be a goner. Davis? he's improved so much this season. But what exactly is his ceiling?

Raptors on the other hand is getting an all-star caliber type of player who's only 26 years old. A guy that can create his own shot, a guy that is capable of hitting big shots late in the game. A guy that will give them some respectability. He's everything the Raps need.

Raptors core right now - JV, Amir, Gay, DeRozan, Ross and Lowry. That's pretty good. Very young but so much potential.

JV and Ross upside i think is MASSIVE. Gay i think is an all-star caliber type of player. I think he's going to blossom here as the #1 option. Lowry i think is a very talented PG. One of the best if not the best rebounding PG in basketball. He needs to stay healthy though to be effective. Amir is a heart and soul type of player. Every team needs a guy like that. DD, i think is the one that will benefit the most with the Gay acquisition. All the pressure of being "the guy" is now on Gay. If he can continously put up 16-17ppg as the 2nd-3rd option on offence then that's huge for this team.