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Thread: Post Gay Raptors Deals

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    Default Post Gay Raptors Deals

    Raptors need a power forward. Derozan is a waste of cap space, and so is bargnani. We also need pg depth. Hollinger's trade machine won't let me make a raps-bulls deal without both teams going over luxury tax threshold - but this should be fixed once derozan's and gibson's extensions kick in.
    Raps Receive: Gibson, Rip Hamilton, Hinrich
    Bulls Receive: Derozan, Bargnani

    The Raptors get a solid, young defensive and rebounding power forward, along with 2 decent bench pieces.
    A Lowry,Ross,Gay,Gibson,Valanciunas core looks good going forward (wit amir,fields,hinrich,rip,acy all as bench pieces)

    The Bulls get a solid 2 guard who can attack and help out rose in the backcourt. Bargnani can space the floor as a sixth man and give some shooting when paired with Noah or Boozer.


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    I don't see why Chicago would do this. Gibson is a great defensive player who is key to maintaining their tone when they make subs. I see more likely they would consider a deal the swaps Boozer and Bargnani. Boozer just hasn't fit in there. They need a guy who can knock down some 3s on the starting lineup. I don't know if they would want Bargs, but if they decide a change makes sense, it would definitely be a great fit on the offensive end. The other end of the court may be an issue, especially with Thibs as the coach.

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