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I wouldn't say he's "great", but he's adequate at getting his shot off. I just think this team has been saddled without any 1-on-1 creators for so long, Gay looks like the 2nd coming of Tim Hardaway in comparison
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Gays handles arent that great hes just quite th athletic specimen to help him out with creation his size is great hard to stop when hes on the move, Dont let that fool you a lot of the time his handles are clumsy, but its not how you start its how you finish and hes always been great on those pulls ups and attacking the basket.
I don't know, but, I mean, this guy really has a really, really good handle. He seems to be able to shake defenders off with so much ease. Great moves, smooth hesitations.. I don't know, regardless of his size, for a guy like him, his handles remind me near to Durant's. Long, smooth, quick handles. Just my eye.