The Ed and Amir tandem down low was awesome, especially because they were so good at getting the ball to one another in traffic, and their high-low was solid. Ed was our best rebounder, and no doubt had so much room to grow defensively (strength-wise, and help-side) and offensively (varied post-game, improvement of jump-shot).

Ed - this season - has brought far more than Ross has. As much as people believe he has great potential, and could be a solid player/asset for us in the future, Ed was one of those rare players that are contributing now, and will later on.

Talk about him being on the final year of his rookie deal, I seriously think he wouldn't have been overpaid as a player. I won't throw numbers out on the spot, but I would certainly pay the price for this guy.

Not too sure we can go out and find another power forward as good, or with as high potential that Ed has, like Matt said:

It is very hard to find a pebble worth keeping though.
You can definitely find a point guard, or a power forward in the market, question is do they fit? Are they good? And how can they help us not just now, but further into our future.

Now, if Ross got more playing time, than my tune might change, but I would have included Ross to get Gay. Ross doesn't look like he will get playing time this season (unless injury, or Casey stops being an idiot) and it looks like he will have some trouble getting consistency in the rotation next season.

I don't know, this is - in my opinion - a somewhat premature question, because Ed is barely playing in Memphis (when he has played, shown great stuff) and likewise for Ross. This is another question that should take some time. BUT, if the question was given today, or I was given the opportunity to make a change, I would definitely plug Ross in over Davis.