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Yea I agree, that wingspan hasn't really helped him much on D. But I think the real mistake is Casey being so dead set to use him as a stretch 4. I really think Austin Daye plays better at the 3. His wingspan can really help him there. Since he doesn't have the greatest foot speed he can give guys more room than the average player and his wingspan will help him still be able to contest shots. Novak is a stretch 4 but Daye is more of a 3. I wish Casey would see that. Because at the 4 whatever he gives you on the offensive end gets taken away by how much of a struggle it is for him defensively. It's almost like Bargnani but he's much more efficient.
I do agree he'd have a chance to be more effective at the 3. I think it's tough to actually play him there though. Fields is still a pretty good fit there as a reserve, and Gay will take up a fair chunk of the minutes there. I haven't seen Daye enough at the 3 though to think that he'd for sure be that much better. If he's not too quick, maybe he'd still pick up fouls trying to reach in. He's still so damn skinny, so maybe even most 3s can and do try to body him up. I feel like it's definitely something Casey should have tried out more in the preseason. Daye's a good 25 lbs. from being able to play the 4, at least.