Just read Holly MacKenzie’s piece “We’re talking with Reggie: Too good to edit”. I have to say, there’s no question that Reggie Evans is the real deal. A lot of players, maybe even most, would not have been so tight with the team for all this time, on the sidelines, always smiling, always encouraging, always involved ... always Reggie. Really, it’s amazing how much a part of the team he already is, without even playing one second of a regular season game out on the floor. The influence a guy like that can have on the team - and that really, he’s already likely had - is hard to quantify, but one thing for sure, it’s nothing but positive. The Raps have probably been a better team already, just having him there on the sidelines, but it’s easy to figure that with him available to play for the few minutes or whatever he’ll get Wednesday - it sounds like - he’ll bring everything that Colangelo wanted when he made the deal to get him. I’m glad he’s on the team and I’m kind of excited - for us and for him - to know that he’s about to get out there and do what he does. At last. Go get ‘em, Reggie!