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Gasol fits this description quite nicely.
He does. I'm just so torn on him.

On one hand, he fits the description perfectly and could (theoretically at this point) be acquired for Bargnani & spare parts.

On the other hand, he's 31 and making $19M this season and next, on an otherwise young Raptors team - he's not really a long-term solution.

If the Raps can't get Millsap, then perhaps Gasol would be the best solution, even for just next season. There really aren't any free agent PFs this year that fit the description, are young and would be a significant upgrade over Amir (and are realistic targets to sign). So, it might be best to trade for Gasol and ride him for a year-and-a-half, then see what you could trade him for as an expiring or take your chances in free agency in 2014 with $19M to spend!