This fan base is so fickle. If Bargnani has one or two more decent games, all the people who called for his head will now be his biggest supporters. The new whipping boy will be Kyle Lowry. This process just repeats itself over and over. Of course I'm not immune to this love-hate cycle, its just funny is all.

As far as Amir being a starter, I have no problem with this. What I do have a problem with is Amir being the best big on the team. Amir is your classic hustle guy, and I love his mobility and versatility in a three big rotation, but if this team wants to do more than just make the playoffs, Amir cannot be the best big we've got.

I'm not huge on the Gasol trade because I see him as a center at this point in his career (too slow to play PF). To me, most of LA's defensive deficiencies could be alleviated by moving everyone "up" one position (ie Gasol - C, World Peace - PF, Bryant - SF). It's been obvious that LA is too slow to guard effectively since they were run off the floor in the playoffs by Dallas two years ago. Why do you think LA's most effective rotations always had Odom at the 4 rather than Gasol? But anyways, I don't like the Gasol move because assuming we ship out Bargnani for him, this leaves only one player (Amir) to play the four.