Simple trade

Toronto out: Bargs, Kleiza, AA, 2nd round pick
Toronto in: Green, Bos 2013 1st round pick, Josh Selby, Cavs 1st round pick

Celtics out: Green, Bos 2013 1st round pick, Sullinger, Bass
Celtics in: Bargs, Kleiza, Varejao

Cavs out: Varejao, Josh Selby, Cavs 1st round pick
Cavs in: Sullinger, Bass, 2nd round pick (TOR), AA

Raps Lineups

Raps acquire 2 1st round pick (mid 20 to 30 range), i would target either Dario Saric (backup SF) for this team and one of Trey Burke, Kabongo or Cannan as our future starting PG. Then the offseason, If I'm the GM, i would look to flip DeRozan + Fields for a starting caliber PF or give DeRozan another year, this way, we can see if Ross can develop into a formidable player in this second year then we can trade DeRozan at the deadline by next year. We can sign a backup SG in Reddick or Foye, veteran C in Dalembart, Okafor, or Frye

Our future is

Drafted PG/Lowry/Selby
Ross/Reddick or Foye
Allstar PF/Amir/Green