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Toronto fan tend to vastly under rate & over rate all the time...

i read somewere last night that BC said on TSN that dispite what bloggers may think, his young players have good value around the league
as I've said many times before, take what Colangelo says with a grain of salt.

Besides what Matt52 said (ie. what else is he going to say)

Which 'young players' is he referring to?:

- Lowry, Ross, and Val? The guys he shouldn't (or maybe more specifically won't) be trading.

- Bargnani, Demar and fields? The guys he should be trading.

- all of them?

I'll give Colangelo one thing. He does an excellent job carefully articulating his sentences, telling people exactly what they want to hear through rather ambiguous (and at times extremely misleading) statements.

Thats why its his actions, and not what he says or claims, that matters.