Rarely has Toronto been able to put together a winning streak of six, seven, or eight games, or even winning eight of ten, thus not being able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in the Eastern conference. It has not allowed them to go from being an average team to a good one nor go from being a good one to a great one ...that is until now.

It’s a chance for the Raptors to now change something that has been a flaw in their recent history, as in February they have games still remaining against: Sacramento, Philadelphia, Memphis, New Jersey (away) and Washington.
A chance presents itself for Toronto to go on a rare win-streak in February that would catapult them into contention for home-court playoff advantage.

The team that most likely stands in their way is the Boston Celtics.

Everyone’s enemy and everyone’s nemesis: they are big, bad and cocky, and no one likes that unless they are your team.

Losing the home-court battle against the Celtics may well prove to seal the Raptors fate in the first-round of the playoffs. While it’s true they are six games back of the Celtics as of now, a long winning-streak in February may go a long way come April.
Real GM

I really do think they can sneak up on one of the top four IF they can take advantage of their easy schedule to close the season. They need to stop playing down to their opponents for this to happen but fourth seed is now a possibility.