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Thread: Have we entered an alternate universe? Are the Raptors buyers?

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    Quote Craiger wrote: View Post
    LA didn't care about financial burden. Now with the new cap rules I wouldn't be so certain. They'll still consistently be a bigger spender than most, but not year in and year out like they use to be.

    Bolded part - exactly.
    I still don't buy it. The only possible expiring contracts they will want are of players they might want to keep and re-sign. That's why I think they'll push hard for Howard's buddy Josh Smith. He's expiring, and though he's seeking a max deal (any team would be stupid to do that), if they have his bird rights and he's at all concerned with winning, they should be able to offer him enough money and convince him to stay.

    I really see no reason why LA would adjust their strategy anymore than they literally would have to in order to fit the new rules. They will spend as much as they can to keep winning.

    *Basically you believe (or did earlier in the year) that doing Bargs for Pau straight up was a good trade for LA. That's crazy. LA gets a reduction in talent, and doesn't truly gain any flexibilty as they lose their best trade piece for a worse one in Bargs, and the money they'd "save" on Calderon is probably already money over the cap for them so they can't use it for anything.
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