I understand why people want Millsap, but we can't trade for him now because Utah doesn't want Bargs and Demar wouldn't be enough to get it done. he's not even making enough money for the salaries to balance. Even trading Demar would have to wait until after this season when his extension kicks in. But then, Millsap will also like a raise, so again, Demar will likely not be enough, and then we're talking about giving up extra assets that we can't afford. They probably wouldn't want Fields or Bargs. They might want Lowry but then we'd have no PG. Do you give up Ross? or JV? or Amir? Then you're just opening up more holes.....I just can't see a way to get Millsap that could work. We just don't have a piece or the combination of pieces that would either get it done, or we could afford to part with for someone who's never made an all-star game.