The Raptors seem to finally be able to pull off a trade just for the sake of doing something to change the current situation. This move came maybe a season too late since 2012-13 season is already done with. (The Raptors would have to win 25 games out of remaining 36 to finish at .500 and potentially make the playoffs - which will be impossible to do). Are there more moves to be made? Sure. I think the moves that are to follow this one are more critical to the Raptors success the next three years.
First they have to address the Bargnani situation. I suspect that they will have to include another quality player as part of the trade to make it happen. The question is who do they package along with Bargnani to make it happen?
There are two possibilities here. The first one, which is less likely, is that they package Lowry with Bargnani for another big and maybe a draft pick or a young athletic PG. The second option, which is more likely, is that they package DeRozan for another big and a combo guard with one or two years left on his contract.
After looking at viable candidates to make a trade before the deadline or during the summer two come to mind. Utah will not be able to resign both Millsap and Jefferson this offseason. I think it makes sense to trade both Bargnani and DeRozan for Mo Williams and Jefferson. If they both re-sign in the summer time, which is very likely, you automatically have a legitimate PF that scores and rebounds at 20/10 per game and a defensive minded combo guard that comes off the bench to help Lowry and Ross.
I believe that Ross will be a multi-year all-star if he is given the chance to play and grow next year.
The second team that might be willing to part with a big is NY Knicks. The chemistry with Amare Stoudemire back is not the same as at the beginning of the season. The Knicks might be willing to part with Amar’e and Iman Shubert for Bargnani and Lowry. The second trade is less likely because of Amare’s injury history and also Salary cap implications for the Raptors.

Now I have posted several messages in the past about my thoughts on Casey. I believe he is a great motivator and gets his players to play hard every night. He almost reminds me of a friend that will convince you that you are able to do anything, and you believe him. He just seems like a man without a plan. Just look at the players coming out of timeouts and end of quarter positions. Even Butch Carter made mention of this the other day on FAN590.