We are one more player short from contending.

Toronto out: Bargs, Kleiza, Fields
Toronto in: Gasol, Blake

LA Lakers out: Gasol, Blake, Duhon
LA Lakers in: Bargs, Kleiza, D.Will

Min out: Derrick Williams, Ridnour
Min in: Landry Fields, Duhon

Raps Lineups

Lakers Lineups
Bargs/Earl Clark/A.Jamison

Wolves Lineups


This trade works on ESPN Trade Machine but in the perfect real world we live in, will each GM of the respected teams pull the trade before the deadline.

Raps: The Raps benefit from this trade as in we get Gasol, a formidable PF in his prime will add another piece to our contending lineups of Lowry,DeRozan,Gay,Gasol,Val. Gasol will push this team to the playoff and help Val in his development to be our big man of the future. Both Gasol and Gay will attract veteran and good FAs in the summer to build our team into a contending team of the East to compete with the Heat, Knicks, Celtics, and Bulls. Blake is a veteran PG who played years on a championship team, he will be a good backup behind Lowry.

Lakers: The Lakers get talent as if they don't have enough of talent already, Bargs will immediately start for the team, thanks to D'Antoni run and gun connection. Before, Nash retires, let's hope he can rejuvenate Bargs career and make him near D.Nowtizki's level. D.Will will have room to shine as he will be the team's starting SF. The Lakers bench looks amazing too with Ridnour, Meeks, MWP, Jamison, Clark, and Hill, the Lakers just might make to the playoff this year. Linas Kleiza will be a good 3rd stringer SF in case one of Jamison or MWP or both get injured.

Wolves: The Wolves will part with their No2 pick for an established rookie but has hit his rookie wall in Landry Fields. I guess given a better circumstance and a team that needs a SF, Fields can rejuvenate his career as a Wolves to play alongside Rubio and Love. Loosing D.Will will hurt this team but the Wolves need a major change in the lineups and possibly be looking to trade Love for J.Smith straight in a separate deal. Chris Duhon, not much of a player this day, can be their third stringer PG (expiring contract)