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Thread: Toronto/Utah/La Lakers/Minnesota Blockbuster

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    Default Toronto/Utah/La Lakers/Minnesota Blockbuster

    To Toronto: Milsap, Ridnour, Cunningham, Burks
    To Minnesota: Gasol, Anderson
    To Utah: Ross, Clarke
    To LA: Bargnani, Roy, Williams
    Trade Machine:
    Ok. So Toronto gets a stud at PF who they may be able to extended due to bird rights. they also add a young shooter, a young PF and a very competent backup PG. Minnesota gets a great centre, for when Pek expires and a 3 point shooter.
    Utah gets 2 athletic wings, while only giving up an expiring and Burks. They wont resign Milsap anyway so this is a solid return and gives them a young core. LA gets a floor stretching big man for Dantoni's system, a good bench scorer in Roy and a combo forward full of potential.
    I got rid of Pek as to get him the raps would need to send Amir - and after this season Pek will be useless infront of Jonas.
    Raps Rotation:
    Thoughts? would you do this if you were colangelo?
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