Let's say we make to the playoff, we will be targeting between 15-20 range, what are some of the players we can target in this year's NBA Draft.

1) Will Cauley Stein - let's hope he slips but i doubt he will, he's most likely a lottery pick type of player in this year's weak draft. He could replace either Gray or whoever we sign as a backup C through further trade next season, a decent backup C behind Val if he's drafted by us.
Best Case Scenario: Kendrick Perkins with a jump shot
Worst Case Scenario: Poorman DeMarcus Cousins with no attitude

2) James McAdoo - I think he's this year's Perry Jones III or Quincy Miler. A hyped player but with poor result due to injury and seldom experience. He could replace Landry Fields as our primary backup SF and if Gay doesn't work out, he could replace Gay in a few years that's if he truly becomes a good player in the league.
Best Case Scenario: Antawn Jamison in his Wizards days
Worst Case Scenario: Athletic Landry Fields

3) Dario Saric: Europe has him as the next Big Point Forward since Peja Stojackovic and Turkeyglu. However I see him as a Jan Vesly with low post moves. He could be drafted by the Raps given the Euro sensation so he can be the primary backup for Gay
Best Case Scenario: Ersan Ilyasova
Worst Case Scenario: Jorge Garbajosa

4) Archie Goodwin: Possibly the best player at the 15-20 range who's not gonna be drafted by the Raptors since we already have DeRozan and Ross and if he's drafted, it will definitely hamper his growth in the NBA.
Best Case Scenario: Dion Waiters
Worst Case Scenario: Shannon Brown

5) Tony Mitchell: Can he play PF, he's very athletic but does not play with respect to the hype, a hardnosed player with a keen in rebound and defense and he can knock down the 18 foot jumper but his consistency is way off the chart, some day he scores 20+ ppts, some day he scores 0. If he's drafted by the Raptors, I don't think he's gonna get any playing time but go right into Casey's dogpound.
Best Case Scenario: A more of a consistent Derrick Williams
Worst Case Scenario: James Johnson

6) Rudy Golbert: BC is not an idiot but can be an asshole if he drafted this guy with our pick. Golbert is more like a 2nd round foddler and will see no action in NBA. I see bust in this guy before his name got across in the NBA. If he's drafted, I would not want to watch the Raps.
Best Case Scenario: Patrick O'Bryant
Worst Case Scenario: Alexis Ajinca

7) Isaiah Canaan: More like a Kyle Lowry 2.0. It doesn't hurt this team if we get another Kyle Lowry or a player that can be tutelage by Mr.Lowry himself. I could imagine if both Canaan and Lowry walk in T-Dot, people will think they are twins and it doesn't hurt the Raps to have a twin at the PG spot back and forth. A great player Canaan but with the weak draft, I see him get drafted before us.
Best Case Scenario: Good Kyle Lowry who can contribute 15ppts+ 10apg
Worst Case Scenario: Bad Kyle Lowry who contribute only 2pt + 1apg on some nights

8) Myck Kabongo: I think this guy has an attitude but given the fact he's Canadian, might as well play for a Canadian team and crowd. Kabongo was the hype before he entered college and everything went downhill from suspension to all kinds of chaos, his draftstats has fallen from a once lottery pick player to the bottom 20. However, given minutes, he can bring some excitement. Although we will be playing uptempo style next year with DeRozan and Gay on board, he can run with the team for sure if he's drafted.
Best Case Scenario: Jrue Holiday
Worst Case Scenario: Marquis Teague

9) Jeff Withey: If we are going after an Aaron Gray clone, then we should nab Jeff Withey if we draft between 25-30 range. Withey is the type of player that can do a little bit of everything, saw some of the Jayhawks game and this guy is a player. He can knock down the 18 foot jumper and give you a double double on some given nights.
Best Case Scenario: Better Kris Humphries
Worst Case Scenario: Aaron Gray

Dark Horse Player that could be built as a Cornerstone of this Franchise
1) Lucas Nogueirra: His name surfaced two years ago I believe but this kid wasn't drafted for two years to develop his game and he looks promising. Consider as Brazilian next big man to come into the league since Nene, I believe this kid could pull a Andrew Nicholson or Taj Gibson in his rookie/sophomore year. A project of a PF, if he's drafted, he could learn a thing or two from Amir Johnson or develop into his own player, a fluid of a big man, if he gets himself a good coach, he could turn out to be a phenomenal sensation in this league.
Best Case Scenario: Andrew Nicholson
Worst Case Scenario: Kwame Brown

2) DeShaun Thomas: He's the upcoming Jeff Taylor 2.0 of 2013 Draft. A late bloomer who might go 2nd round and get picked by a shitty team but will contribute big time off the bench. A hustle player who plays defense and attack the basket, not afraid of doing the little and dirty work to make the team better, has gotta be under Raptors' radar. If he's not picked in the 1st round, let's hope he falls for the second round so he can be a primary backup SF for Rudy Gay. He is our Bruce Bowen.
Best Case Scenario: Jeff Taylor
Worst Case Scenario: Bruce Bowen

3) Trey Burke: This guy can go from a lottery pick to 2nd rounder. His stats flows like the stock market. However, I see this guy will make an impact in the league as a better PG but he will have to play under some good PG as his mentor and that being the Raptors under Lowry and Coach Casey. He could turn out to be a diamond in the rough, a gem needs to be polished before he make any impact in the NBA. However, if he's to be drafted by a heavily PG-burdened team like the Pistons, then he will be buried down the bench and probably will be out of the league in no time.
Best Case Scenario: Eric Bledsoe
Worst Case Scenario: Ronnie Price

4) Ray McCallum: This guy plays like a shooting guard, a guard who plays like a shooting guard and is in the 2nd round, gotta love it. A Monta Ellis and Gilbert Arenas written in this guy since his name surfaced in the league. McCallum is not a traditional PG but under the right coach, he could become one of the elite PG in this league.
Best Case Scenario: Monta Ellis in his day with the Warriors
Worst Case Scenario: Jarret Jack in his day with the Pacers

5) Michael Snaer: A SG who plays like a PF. Gotta love a hustle player who defends and able to shoot the 3s beyond the arc, that person is Michael Snaer. A 2nd rounder player who could go 1st round depends on his stock. I say the Raps should pick him up in the 2nd round if DeShaun Thomas is gone. He is the Jae Crowder of this year's draft.
Best Case Scenario: Jae Crowder with a better jump shot
Worst Case Scenario: Poorman Marquis Daniel

6) DeWayne Dedmon: He's DeAndre Jordon 2.0. Enough said
Best Case Scenario: DeAndre Jordon
Worst Case Scenario: Poorman Eddy Curry

Players I Don't Want to see in Raptors Uniform
1) Mason Plumlee: It's not because his brother plays for the Pacers and got drafted pretty high in the 2012 NBA Draft but Plumlee will see no action as a Raptors and is not the type of player we are looking for, perhaps he can develop into a fundamental player or a key player off the bench on a playoff contending team but not the Raptors. Sorry don't need him.
Best Case Scenario: Greg Stiesma
Worst Case Scenario: Miles Plumlee

2) Tim Hardaway Jr: Wasn't his father who publicly announced on ESPN that he hates gay people and George Takei made a sketch comedy about him. That video is hilarious but if this guy gets drafted, I see his father will make a big fuss about him playing alongside Rudy Gay. His not the player that his father was and honestly, I don't see him getting any minutes behind DeRozan and Ross unless he grows another 5 inch to play the SF/PF position, highly doubt it.
Best Case Scenario: Tim Hardaway Sr
Worst Case Scenario: Alan Anderson

3) Kentavious Caldwell Pope: This guy is a pure shooter but he won't get drafted by the Raptors since our wing are secured with DeRozan and Ross unless one of them is traded in the off season. Pope plays like Kerry Kittles, a smooth shooter with lightning quick jumper. He could turn out to be a great player for a team that lacks shooter but not the Raps.
Best Case Scenario: Kerry Kittles
Worst Case Scenario: Poorman Marcus Thornton

4) Gorgui Dieng: Ahh, we have Acy on this team so I don't see any point in drafting this guy even if he's the best player when he falls for us. A late 1st round pick, a shot blocker who could turn out to be a good player but only time will tell. This guy can only rebound and block and play lowpost or postup, have zero jumpshoot or beyond the arc abilities, could be the reason why his stock has fallen.
Best Case Scenario: Serge Ibaka
Worst Case Scenario: Theo Ratliff

5) Kelly Olynyk: Uhhh, where did this guy come, is he the lost brother of Thor, I thought Loki is his only brother Basically Kelly "Thor" Olynyk is a player that got some hype after his latest play in the NCAA. His the type of player that could once in a while make an impact in the league who gets signed on a huge contract then diminish into a benchwarmer for years to come. So simply no!
Best Case Scenario: Birdman Chris Andersen
Worst Case Scenario: Poorman Fabricio Oberto