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    Caught a bit of Demar, Sonny & Jarrett on Ustream last night, just hanging out I believe in Sonny's Condo. While it was pretty cool to see these guys relax and chill on their own time, I felt a bit uneasy as to what might transpire. Jack was playing Madden a foot away from a 50" TV and when they zoomed in on him , his eyes were a bit smaller than usual with no emotion, more than a few viewers commented that he was high as hell. Also Sonny's brother was dancing around the whole time and at one point gave someone in the chat room the finger for a comment, and there was another instance where a 'gay slur' was used. I know these guys are human and I know they have a right to do what they want away from the court, but for some reason I don't think this type of webcast is a good idea at the moment and I can see it maybe getting out of control on occasion. All it takes is for some viewer to post " Jarret Jack high.... " on the internet and a big snowball would start rolling. While I enjoyed some of the random, crazy actics, I think this type of forum could be used more to interact with the fans and maybe answer some questions and talk about basketball stuff and life stuff. Maybe i'm wrong, but I just wanted it to stop before someone did something really outrageous and cause for concern.
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