Tough loss but a great game by DeRozan and Gay, although their field goal % are pretty low, jacked too many shots instead of playing the team game. We are gonna sure miss Jose Calderon, Lowry looked amazing in the first quarter but became chucker and dished only 1 ast, come on. Val, is his head in the game cause he looked lost, no point in saying. If he continues to play like this, I'm afraid BC might trade him for a well established center. Can't wait to see Bargs in the lineups to boost his stocks, perhaps we will make one last final move to the roster before the deadline. Gay and DeRozan are just not enough to defeat the Blazing Heat. Good game by CB4 though, the crowd did not boo him as hard as it used to be and I could swear the fans were cheering for the Heat at the end of the game.