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My observations from the game:

1. lack of front court and PG depth were exposed - team played 4-on-5 with Gray on the floor and Lucas is a 3rd stringer

2. Landry Fields' defense, rebounding and offensive movement was sorely missed - he would have been so much more effective than Anderson (how/why did Anderson play 33 minutes, 3rd only to DeRozan & Gay???)

3. 'live or die by the jumpshot' is recipe for disaster, especially from the 2nd unit - Anderson/Lucas/Ross were a combined 3-17 (1-8 3pt) & entire team shot 37.3% / 22.2%

4. rookies are rookies - Valanciunas & Ross could be special, but that game was a reminder that the NBA learning curve is a steep and inconsistent process


1. This team needs a significantly upgraded 2nd big; Valanciunas (rookie), Gray (backup/matchup C) and Acy (rookie/3rd string) will not cut it next to Johnson, especially given his tendancy to foul. For the short-term, even Bargnani would have been a huge improvement over Gray - at least the Heat would have respected/defended him!

2. This team needs a veteran, pass-first backup PG. Lucas is an insanely streaky shooter, who should not be counted on to contribute 12-16 MPG.

3. I fear BC already missed the 'trade at peak value' window for Anderson, but he needs to be traded. A wing rotation of Gay, DeRozan, Fields and Ross has the potential to be very good and very balanced.
+1. I believe we have the same mind.