To Toronto: Millsap, Pekovic, Ridnour
To Minnesota: Gasol
To LA: Bargnani, D. Williams, M. Williams
To Utah: Fields, Anderson, Barea

This is a very unlikely trade, and is based entirely around the idea that Minnesota really wants Gasol. There's no way they can acquire him without moving salary, and in Pekovic, Williams, Ridnour, and Barea, they don't move any pieces that are crucial to their long-term plans.

LA gets rid of Gasol and gets a couple young bigs in Bargnani and Derrick Williams, both of whom fit with D'Antoni's system. Mo Williams is just expiring filler here.

Utah gets a couple wings who are probably upgrades to anyone they currently have on the roster, other than Hayward. In Barea, they get some PG insurance for a roster that has only Alec Burks signed beyond this year. (If they preferred Ridnour over Barea, that would work too. Or Shved, but I assume that Rubio and Shved are the PGs that Minnesota wants to keep).

For Toronto, this only makes sense if they're prepared to spend well into the tax to keep both of Millsap and Pekovic. If so, it allows them to completely firm up their bigs rotation (Millsap, Valanciunas, Pekovic, Johnson).