Now that we have Gay (happy we got Gay, sad we lost Jose) and everyone is taking more trades. Who should the Raps keep ... players who we should keep as our core going forward.

In my opinion:
1)Gay - We just traded for him and he is our new leader.

2)Valanciunas - Can be our starting C for years to come if he keeps developing.

3)Ross - Can be our future SG or one hell of a bench player. Too much up side to trade away.

4)Lowry - Friends with Gay and now this is HIS team to lead. Deserves a shot to prove that he can lead a winner.

5)Johnson - Amir is the type of player every club needs. He gives everything to every play ... I value him a lot more then most.

6)DeRozan - I want to see what him and Gay can do as a team. I say keep him for another year or so and see how him, Ross, and Gay mesh.
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This is the cut off line. Everyone from here can be traded without hurting the team.

I would like to keep Lucas, Acy, Gray because I think they are good value for what they have.

C: Valanciunas
PF: Johnson
SF: Gay
SG: DeRozan, Ross
PG: Lowry

C: Gray
PF: Acy
SF: ?????
SG: Ross or DeRozan
PG: Lucus

Trade chips:
2)Anderson and Pietrus (Expiring contracts and Anderson is playing pretty well)
3)Kleiza and Fields (Might have some value. Kleiza more next year as one year left on his contract)

What you all think???