Toronto out: Terrence Ross, Linas Kleiza, Val
Toronto in: Fredette, D.Cousins

Sacramento out: Fredette, D.Cousins
Sacramento in: T.Ross, Kleiza, Val

Why Raps: We get a good backup PG who's a natural PG who can score more assists than Lowry in Fredette, given a change of scenery, he mights just contribute for the Raps while D.Cousins plays the center position for us and manhandle the point while provide spacing for both DeRozan and Gay. It's sad to see Ross and Val go though but both will develop an amazing career, just not as a Rap.

Why Kings: The Kings get two rookies who might turn out to be great players down the path in T.Ross who could start for the Kings unless they plan to keep T.Evans for long. Ross will compliment Evans more than DeRozan beside the Kings need a sharpshooter. Valanciunas is coachable and could turn into a great player for the Kings.