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Miami had 17 assists off 40 made baskets today, Raptors 15 off 28. The NBA champs did just fine without a bucket full of assists today. Raptors got beat today because Miami had one more option - a low post threat (public enemy #2 - Chris Bosh), not because Lowry has a sub-par handle...

This is a completely different roster now that creates from the wings, not from screen & rolls. The point guard's job with the starting five is to get the ball in the hands of DeRozan or Gay and run to the corner in case a spot up three is needed at the end of the shot clock. DeRozan is turning into a pretty good passer after all the double teams he has seen this year. Gay seems like he's OK finding guys off the dribble as well.

If the Raptors were missing anything today, it felt like the abscence of someone to make use of Amir's excellent interior passing skills - a low post guy.
Somebody making sense. And like Matt said, time to move on. After watching Jose for seven years, I think people have forgotten that most point guards turn the ball over.