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lowry had 8 assists last game actually.. Miami has insane perimeter D.. it wasn't just lowry that couldn't figure out what to do and how to handle the pressure.. it was everyone.. tho I do think jose would have handled it better, I don't think there are many other pg's that would or could. we are a perimeter oriented team that just matched up against the best perimeter oriented team in the league.. lets just relax... I mean we all miss jose, but we are a mismatch on the perimeter for a lot of teams... lowry doesn't have the kind of leadership we're used to in jose but its not just on him.. we passed the ball well against the clips.. and we will do it against other teams.. Miami is one of those teams that make u scared to pass.. we gotta gameplan better against them.. period.
Not to poo poo on Derozan but this is where a better ball handling 2 comes in handy. Takes the pressure off Lowry at times. A great passing big may be the only solution, *Gasol* ahem