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Good point. Especially on this revamped Raptors team, where Gay & DeRozan will both initiate offense, I'm going to be more concerned with total team assists (assists VS baskets made) than I will be about Lowry's assists. It was different when Calderon was the primary initiator, but now it's all about team play.
The play that comes to mind vs. MIA was the wing to elbow pass Lowry made to Amir and then the touch pass to Gray for the dunk. Unfortunately there are no hockey assists in the NBA.

On another note, every shitting on Lowry for the 3 assists vs. Miami. How many did Jose have in the overtime game last week? 3. Miami's D is sick. The difference was Jose has lots of confidence in his shot and no one questions him when he takes it. The Raptors, media, and fans have put the part of his game that made him special on life support. It is time for Kyle to play his game. I really hope it is the whispers of injuries holding him back.