By now we have all decided that Bargnani needs to be moved , for the better of our team as well as Bargs. Most do not want to just give him away for a salary dump and no one wants to take on more money. So why coudn't we make a deal with Houston for some rookies that probably don't have a chance of cracking the Houston line up this year as they have been playing them in the D-League instead. This saves us money but still gives us a couple of options to fill a hole in our PF and C spots.This will free up about 7M in salary for next year.For Houston I think Bargs will fit into their line up
quite well.

Bargnani and draft rights for Tomislav Zubcic to Houston
Terrance Jones , Donatas Montiejunas , Cole Aldrich to Toronto

Secondly make a quick flip with Utah for Jamaal Tinsley for Allan Anderson to sure up our PG position with a proven vet who can still run the floor and find guys rather than just his own shot. this also clears some floor time for Ross with Anderson gone.

Waive Pietrus and Haddadi and you have something like this below, granted we will probably not have a draft pick this year and that fact that we lost a young in Davis I don't forsee a problem with adding 2 promising youngs.

Lowry / Tinsley / Lucas
DeRozan / Ross
Gay / Fields / Kleiza
Amir / Jones / Acy / Montiejunas (could move to C in future)
Valanciunas / Gray / Aldrich

Look to amnesty Kleiza in the summer and we should have something to build on.

Better options? maybe but I think this could work........I would rather have some young talented bigs to work with than trade for another massive contract.