Chandler/Williams' names keep being mentioned. I think we are pretty set in the wing department. Sure Williams can play the 4 but he's a tweener. Rudy Gay can play the 4 as well.

The most pressing positions that need to be upgraded in my opinion are:

1) starting PF that can rebound
2) backup PG that has no problem being a backup
3) backup Center for 1/2 year contract only
4) a shooter that can be brought in when a 3P FG is needed

Here are some players that can satisfy my list:

1) Millsap, Gasol, AJ, Young, J-Smith
2) Tinsley, Ridnour, Barea, Watson, Udrih, Blake, Augustin
3) Okafor, Pekovic, Pachulia, Hawes, Dalembert
4) Korver, Dunleavy, Foye, Webster, Mason, Fredette, Green

I'm willing to trade any player on the roster other than JV, Ross, Gay, and Lowry. Amir I'm on the fence... It would depend on what we get back. If it's anyone on my list above then I would not want to part with Amir.