After tonight's game and the announcement of KG possibly be dealt to the Clippers. If I'm Bryan and perhaps it's my last season here with the Raps. I would continue with a major revamp for this team.

1) Toronto with GSW
Toronto out: Bargs, Fields, Kleiza
Toronto in: D.Lee, R.Jefferson

2) Toronto with Milwaukee
Toronto out: Lowry, Amir, 2nd round pick
Toronto in: Jennings, Dalembart, Henson, 1st round pick

3) Toronto with Utah
Toronto out: Alan Anderson
Toronto in: Jamal Tinsley

Why Toronto: We get two more jawbreaking players in Jennings and Lee. Jennings will fit well with the new uptempo run and gun team beside he's best friend of DeMar. David Lee, a fan favorite, could provide us with rebound, well neither are good at defense; Lee is still a huge upgrade at the PF than Amir and Bargs. The question is, his new contract. Along with DeMar and Gay, we are locked at these players for the next 2-3 years. But nonetheless, both players can contribute at maximum intensity. R.Jefferson is a decent backup, perhaps the Raps can rejuvenate his career once again as our primary backup for Gay.

Why Golden State: They acquire Bargs who could start at PF for the young Warriors moving ahead, they need a young PF to make the team even better in the West, with Bogut and Ezeli manhandle the 5, Bargs don't need to rebound or play defense but shoot the ball. The Warriors have a young backcourt of Curry and K.Thompsons and the emerging play of H.Barnes could make this team a contending team in the Western Conference. Fields and Kleiza are decent backup, at least Fields at this age, contribute more than the aging R.Jefferson.

Why Milwaukee: They acquire a PG who might gel with M.Ellis, both Lowry and Ellis are attack the basket type of player although the Bucks' system is a bit slower than the Raps new Run and Gun offense. Lowry will find his groove for the new team whereas Amir can replace either Ilyasova or Gooden at the starting PF position. It's sad to see Amir go but if the Raps pull this trade, I would be darned.

Why Utah: Salary dump, both players suck well Tinsely is a good backup PG, 3rd stringer PG on a playoff contending team. Alan Anderson can provide the Jazz with some outside threat since both Bell and Burks suck.

By the Deadline, Raps GM Bryan Colangelo fires Dwayne Casey and replace him with Avery Johnson.

Toronto New Lineups

Call it a midway season 2012-2013. We make to the playoff, possibly 8th seed and claim back our pick from Thunder. Our pick 20 range. In the offseason, we acquire Bucks' 1st round pick (20 range). We draft Kabongo (our pick) and Dario Saric (if he falls for us).

Next Season
Jennings/Kabongo/PG (veteran PG)
All Star DeRozan/2nd year Ross/SG (veteran SG)
All Star Gay/D.Saric/R.Jefferson
All Star Lee/2nd year Henson/2nd year Acy
Starting C/2nd year Val/Dalembart (resigns)

Veteran PG - DJ Augustin, Devin Harris, Will Bynum for the vet minimum.
Personal Favorite Goes to Will Bynum, a good player but with the Pistons with their possible resigning of Calderon, Bynum is expendable.
Veteran SG - Randy Foye, Tony Allen, Marco Belinelli, Mike Dunleavy, Leandro Barbosa for the vet minimum.
Personal Favorite Goes to Tony Allen, Gay's old Grizzlies buddy, a great defender who can play the 2 and 3 spot.
Starting C - Chris Kaman, DeJuan Blair, Jermaine O'Neal
Personal Favorite Goes to Jermaine O'Neal, an ex raptor who might teach Val a thing or two so Val can develop into a decent center in this league. I would love to see Al Jeff in Raps Uniform but most likely he will want to sign or trade to a championship contending team.

Give 2-3 years for Ross and Val to develop, they could form something special, by the time Ross becomes a legit starter in this league, we can trade DeRozan but for now, Ross at the best is an athletic Kerry Kittles. Val on the other hand, if he can post an Anderson Varejao's career, I would be satisfied.