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Thread: Raptors-Lakers-Timberwolves-Jazz Blockbuster

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    Default Raptors-Lakers-Timberwolves-Jazz Blockbuster

    ESPN Trade Machine Link:

    Raptors In: Millsap, Ridnour
    Raptors Out: Bargnani, Anderson, 1-3 2nd round picks (as necessary)

    Lakers In: Bargnani, Pekovic, Bell, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick (if necessary)
    Lakers Out: Gasol

    Timberwolves In: Gasol, Anderson
    Timberwolves Out: Williams, Pekovic, Ridnour, Cunningham, 1st round pick

    Jazz In: Williams, Cunningham, 1/2 2nd round pick(s) (if neccessary)
    Jazz Out: Millsap, Bell

    - replace Gasol with a stretch-4 (Bargnani) who will make $8.3M less next season
    - Pekovic provides insurance for Howard (if injured, or especially if he leaves as free agent), would be a great trade chip in the offseason (as a S&T), or could be let walk to cut $4.8M off payroll
    - Bell is an expiring contract that would give them veteran SG depth behind Bryant (or could simply be waived)
    - 1st round pick is valuable as pick or trade bait
    - possibly add a 2nd round pick from Toronto (if necessary)

    - get their guy in Gasol, to create huge frontcourt with Love and chemistry with Rubio
    - Anderson gives them added SG depth

    - Derek Williams gives them added depth at SF position, could even start ahead of Marvin Williams
    - Cunningham provides veteran PF depth behind Favors (Derek Williams could also play PF in small lineups)
    - dump Bell's expiring contract without having to take on any bad contract in return
    - add 1 or 2 2nd round picks from Toronto
    - save a little over $5M off their payroll
    - get 2 quality players (1 who has potential to blossom into a star) and 1/2 2nd round picks for Millsap, who they seem destined to lose one way or another
    - they could also have Kleiza if they want him, but I assumed they'd prefer the $5M+ cost savings instead

    - Millsap becomes starting PF, pushing Johnson into backup PF (and occassionally at C with Millsap) / 3rd big role
    - Ridnour is a veteran pass-first backup PG, who could stabalize the team's young 2nd unit
    - removing Anderson clears wing logjam (Gay, DeRozan, Fields & Ross)
    - added depth makes it easier to waive Haddadi (non-guaranteed contract next season), amnesty Kleiza in the offseason, waive Lucas (team option for next season) and let Pietrus walk as a free agent after the season
    - of course the Raptors must entice Millsap to re-sign beyond this season, but I think the combination of money, starting and being part of this young lineup could potentially be sufficient reason for him to stick around!

    RAPTORS 2013-2014 LINEUP (current age in brackets)
    C: Valanciunas (20), Gray (27)
    PF: Millsap (27), Johnson (25), Acy (22)
    SF: Gay (26), Fields (24)
    SG: DeRozan (23), Ross (21)
    PG: Lowry (26), Ridnour (31)

    I would hope that the Raptors look to add cheap veteran C & PG in the offseason, to provide depth and leadership. Just the added veteran presence would be critical to this young group of players, even if they barely/don't wind up playing.
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