Toronto out: Bargs, Lowry, Ross
Toronto in: J.Smith, J.Teague

Atlanta out: J.Smith, J.Teague, D.Harris
Atlanta in: Lowry, Ross, P.Gasol

LAL out: P.Gasol
LA in: A.Bargs, D.Harris

Raps Lineups

Hawks Lineups

Lakers Lineups
MWP/Antawn J/D.Ebanks

Why Raps: Raps acquire one of the league's best SF who plays PF at the moment in J.Smith, will he resign with us, perhaps not but let's hope he does since we give up way too many assets to make the Trio of DeRozan-Gay-J.Smith while acquiring the Hawk's mediocre PG in Teague. I believe Teague is a pass first PG who will gel with the team, he will be Rondo for us while we keep Valanciunas and let him develop. I say in the offseason, we sign J.Smith to a 4years 50million contract, if he doesn't accept, then let him walk. We will have tons of space to sign a PF (David West, P.Millsap, Al.Jeff, E.Clark). Personally, I would go for E.Clark. So this year, our priority is to make to the playoff and retain our draft pick. I believe we can with the core of DeRozan, Gay, and Smith. It would be interesting to watch the 3 play.

Why Hawks: Hawks acquire Gasol, enough said who could change the tone of the young team and provide veteran leadership the Hawks lack. The Hawks are heading into the right direction while also attaining, a formidable PG in Lowry who could immediately start for the team and a young promising SG in Terrence Ross. The Hawks will make to the playoff and in the offseason, they can look to sign a stud SF.

Why Lakers: The Lakers need to make a push to the playoff but with Nash and his injury, they need a backup PG who can contribute and that person in Devin Harris. Given a better change of scenery, Harris might rejuvenate his career and he gets a chance to play with some of the greatest players ever played in the game of NBA. Bargs will compliment well in D'Antoni's system with D.Howard handling the 5 spot, all Bargs need to provide for the team is outside jumper and hitting the 3s from beyond the arc, heck who knows, Bargs might become an allstar one day in Laker's uniform and I think Primo Pasta deserves a chance for a title run with the Lakers beside if Bargs doesn't work out, they still have Earl Clark, an emerging young PF.