Ok, so I sit here and read all the opinions about the Raptors and why they aren't a playoff team. The one glaring stat that jumps off the page is rebounding - and yet I haven't read one thing about the fact that the Raptors are 28th in league in boards.

Our leading rebounder sits just under 7 a game (Amir). Maybe it's time for some box outs. I totally think Ross is going to be an all star at some point, perhaps even a top 3 SG in the east but right now I really wish we drafted Drummond, aka Shaq Jr.

Hopeing that JV is the answer here. Utah seems to have a bunch of rebounding options with Kanter, Favours, Milsap, Jefferson. Who would you target if you were BC - from Utah or any other team?

Keep in mind Miami is last in boards...maybe they aren't all that big a deal after all.