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I know I'm in the minority here, but the more I think about it, the less dumping Bargs for spare parts makes sense. We all know that his value is probably limited right now, and aside from waiting to see if he improves in order to maximize his value (which is an upside-only proposition since it probably can't get much, if any, lower), I think there are some reasons to think that Bargs could actually contribute to the team.
I agree with this, but from a different direction. I believe we need one more key piece to be a contender, probably a PF or C who'll be somewhere around Bargs' salary. But if we simply trade Bargnani for an expiring and a pick (an option I would have supported a week ago because it, combined with Calderon's expiring, would have been a lot of cap space to work with) and amnesty Kleiza, that still probably puts us only a couple million under the cap, not nearly enough to score that last piece. It's unlikely we could get anything more than the $5 million player we could pick up with the MLE. There's a good chance that amnestying Kleiza alone would allow us to use all of that MLE. So trading Bargnani for an expiring doesn't get us any further ahead (other than any throw-in pick that we get, and any supposed addition by subtraction from moving Bargnani).

On the other hand, if we hold onto Bargnani, then we have a matching salary to move when another team has a big they want to move who might be a better fit for us. On the other hand, a sign-and-trade that helps us get a guy like Millsap or Hickson is something I'd do in a heartbeat.