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Thread: 3-pt dunk: Proposed rule change

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    Default 3-pt dunk: Proposed rule change

    Ok, here's a crazy idea. Everybody loves dunks, and executing them in a game is at least as difficult and rare as making a 3-pt shot, in my opinion. It takes skill and toughness to be able to finish at the rim. This should be rewarded, I propose, with making dunks worth 3 points instead of 2-pts like any old layup or mid-range shot.

    Can you imagine the collisions at the rim? Guys like Demar would now have a strong incentive to go hard instead of settling. Of course, the fact that the Raptors might have the one of the best dunking lineups in the NBA also factors into this for me. But still, if I'm paying to see JJ Redick or Terrence Ross, I'd take TRoss 10 times out of 10. Not sure why the league should favor smaller guys who can shoot it from deep.

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