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*Praying* OMG, please make this happen. Jefferson at the 4 with JV? Are you kidding me?


*I just wet myself*
Hmmmm. Intriguing. I kind of like it. Gay becomes the primary guy - "come hell or high water" - and you have a guy you can throw the ball into the low block. Fields at the two might not give you the scoring, but might be what a team misses, only because he doesn't force bad shots, great cutter, and good rebounder. Not to mention his defense is really good. He becomes that guy that balances out all the stagnant play of trying to get Rudy going via isolation, Lowry in late clock, Al in the low block. JV becomes a 5th option, which I like because he can become the primary PICK-&-ROLL guy, and will work the offensive boards.

Oh yeah, that would be a tall, tall front-court of Gay, Jefferson, and JV. 6'9, 6'10/6'11, 7'. Wow, that would be nice.

Only problem is, will Ross be ready to step up come next season? I sure hope he will be.