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Angry in Toronto ((Ontario))

We feel the same pain as those in Cleveland (probably even more so)....nobody expects Bosh to resign (at least down in the States)....but really, chill out Cleveland, I don't think Chris meant any'll see in the end that guys like Bosh, Lebron, and whoever would be crazy to leave $30M+ on the table (more so for Bosh though)....A lockout is looming....

Chris Sheridan (3:46 PM)

I'll let that post speak for itself.

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Drew (Candler,NC)

With the way Miami is playing right now is it fair to say Wade will be in Chicago next year?

Chad Ford (1:42 PM)

No. They'll have a lot of cap room this summer and Wade should be able to stay plus lure one of his friends to join him in Miami. I really think of the three superstars available in free agency this summer he's the least likely to move. If Miami can't get LeBron or Bosh, they will get someone talented to help out.
No much discussion from these guys this week regarding the Raps, but still a couple of topics worth discussing.