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Dalembert has a $6.7M expiring contract. So it's a valuable asset.

I still think the Raptors need a starting PF, backup C, and backup PG.

I think a trade like this could benefit all teams:

Utah needs perimeter scoring and Ellis can provide that in bunches. He can also play point which is important especially since Williams went down. DeMar/Jennings can play together. The only issue is that Toronto will have 3 expiring contracts.. and it may be difficult to resign all three next season. But it's the kind of deal that I would be looking for.
I don't think we need a backup C and PF, probably just one or the other.

Next year, I envision a front court rotation of [new guy, Jonas and Amir]. I don't like the idea of going 4-deep in the front court.

My ideal rotation involves the 5 starters, a backup PG, a backup wing, and a backup big (and maybe a utility player for situational purposes). I prefer short 8-9 man rotations.