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Let me get this straight, you'd only trade a non-all star and probably never will be (DD) for an all star? Huh? As for wanting to trade him? Well, here are my reasons (my own opinion):

1. BC can sell high. Demar is a good kid and was rewarded with a decent extension (personally I don't think he'll live up to it).

2. There's Ross (self-explanatory).

3. Fields is a superior rebounder and defender. Once his bloated contract expires, Ross takes over.

4. BC won't make this happen without assurances from Millsap that he'll sign an extension.

5. Both Dalembert and Tinsley are only for this year. Not long term, never will be.

6. Demar's game improving? Hmmm, his scoring was never in doubt but his ability to finish at the rim and by god, his dribbling? Wow. How many times did he lose the ball, or got stripped, etc? If I had a penny for everytime he lost the ball... wait a minute, there's no more pennies. Whatever. Sell high. Gay got reunited with his friend, Demar deserves to be with his boy in Jennings.
Thank god your just an internet GM....

This trade sucks for us -- plain and simple. I guess you guys can dream huh? DD is not yet an all-star and neither is Rudy Gay -- BUT they both have the potential to be all-stars....

I really like Millsap BUT i think you guys over value him....to be honest. I dont think TRoss is ready and i definitely dont think he is better than DD right now.... could he be better in the future?? Sure why not!? But your acting like thats a guarantee (self-explanatory).

To pretend that we can't have all 3 (Gay, DD and Ross) is just silly. Millsap will be a free agent, so will Jefferson.....why not use the amnesty on Andrea or LK and make a pitch for these guys after the season is over?? I would rather do that than to give up our second best player (3rd at worst)!!