So in 2006, B.C. drafted Barg 1st and Houston drafted Gay 8 and shipped him to Memphis. Since then B.C. had been trying to land Gay and finally got him last week. Does that mean he wished long time ago he drafted Gay instead of Barg?

Fast forward 2013 and B.C. finally go his man. How is it that Gay is now worth almost double what Barg is making? Is it a question of the team he played for? After the Grizzlies were originally a Canadian team. Is it because he was and still is that much better than Barg or is it because he had Gasol and Randolph playing along side him.

How good could the Raps have been with Bosh and Gay instead of Bosh and Barg?

To finally get your guy at almost 9 million dollars more than the guy you thought was good enough to be #1 pick must really suck for B.C. Basically his pick cost the organization $9 million dollars when you put thing in the grand scheme of things.

What are your thoughts on this?