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    Default Toronto - Denver

    Toronto trades: Alan Anderon, Linas Kleiza
    Denver trades: Wilson Chandler

    Toronto Roster
    PG: Lowry, Lucas
    SG: Derozan, Fields, Ross
    SF: Gay, Chandler, Pietrus
    PF: Johnson, Bargnani, Acy
    C: Gray, Valanciunas, Haddadi

    Toronto gets rid of Kleiza's awful contract and we also get rid of Alan Anderson who has cost us multiple game with his constant jacking of shots despite shooting poorly, terrible post-ups, and his sometimes questionable defense. We get a solid young wing player in Chandler who can shoot and play some defense. With Anderson and Kleiza gone, we clear up some of our wing players and give Ross some time to play.

    Denver needs a shooter on their team and we, Raptors fans, know that Alan Anderson is a shooter. He can back up Iggy. Kleiza is also a good bench shooter, so they can give them some scoring off the bench. Kleiza can play the 3 and the 4, so if Denver wants to play some small ball, they can have Kleiza at the 4.

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