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    Default Tor-nyk-bos

    Toronto out: Bargs, Ross, Lowry, 2015 1st round pick
    Toronto in: Stoudamire, Priogioni, Rondo

    New York out: Stoudamire, Priogioni, ronnie Brewer
    New York in: Bargs, Leandro Barbosa

    Boston out: Rondo, Leandro Barbosa
    Boston in: Brewer, Lowry, Ross, 2015 TOR Pick

    Raps Lineups this Year

    Why Raps: Raps acquire A.Stoudamire straight up for Bargs. At this time, Bargs should get us Stoudamire who's playing on one knee; but one knee Stoudamire is still productive than Bargs. We will have a very athletic team in DeRozan-Gay-Stoudamire. Stoudamire is a vet who can handle most 4s in this league, given his presence in the paint. Rondo will be ours but in expense of K.Lowry and rookie T.Ross and future 1st pick. Rondo is injured this year but next year, we will have a healthy Rondo so our 1-2-3-5 are secured. We will make to the playoff and retain our pick whom we can go for a PF, while flip Amare Stoudamire + Kleiza expiring for a backup PG and C. Priogioni will compete Lucas for the start this year but my bet is let the Euro play, he's not Jose Calderon but given the International Flavor, he could dish more assists than Lucas.

    Why Knicks: The Knicks acquire Bargs straight up for Stoudamire who has lost some favorite for the Knicks. Bargs always played well against the Knicks and I am not surprised if he turns out to be a Knicks in a few years. Bargs want publicity and he can own a few franchise clothing or restaurant store in New York as opposed to Toronto. Bargs will immediately start for the team at PF and he doesn't have to worry about being the No1 option in terms of offense when they have JR and Melo and Felton or the defense and rebounding when they have T.Chandler. Barbosa will be a good backup SG until Iman Shumpert returns.

    Why Celtics: The Celtics are looking for a retool here, KG most likely will retire so thus they shed some salary off him while Paul Pierce might be traded for a young SF (most likely Danny Granger). The Knicks lost Rondo due to injury and most likely they won't bring him back. In return, they acquire K.Lowry who will immediately start for the team since they lack PG while T.Ross is their future SG. Ronnie Brewer is a decent 3rd stringer SG on a good team like the Celtics. Beside the Celtics also acquire our 2015 1st round pick, it's a win-win situation for both team.

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    Hmm... interesting .... Least likely that Boston would do it I think though ...

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    So damn misinformed. Stupid trade aside, we can't trade our 2015 first round pick until our 2013-2018 pick (currently owned by the OKC Thunder) has been settled. We can't trade "our 2015 first round pick" unless OKC obtains our pick this year (2013) or next year (2014)...

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    It's ok everybody, it's just another tenforthewin thread. Don't panic. Keep moving along....nothing to see here...

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