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Thread: Trade Bargs to TWolves?

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    Default Trade Bargs to TWolves?

    I heard that Andrea Bargnani could be traded to Minneasota for Luke Ridnour & Derrick Williams.
    Those two could help us out a lot and especially if Derrick Williams improves, we could be a really good up and coming team in the East.
    And Luke Ridnour is a really good shooter, no defense, and a passing point guard, like a jose calderon with less assists.
    Any thoughts?

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    This was also mentioned in the "Everything Bargnani" thread. Peter Vescey is the source, from an unnamed inside source knowledgeable of the Raptors plans.

    Bargnani & a wing (Anderson likely/hopefully) for Ridnour & ??? (would need to be Williams/Roy/Barea to make salary match).

    I think Bargnani/Anderson for Ridnour/Williams/2013 2nd round pick (Minny has 2 of them) would be pretty good.

    I would be happy getting Williams, as he would provide depth at both forward spots. If he proves to be an adequate backup SF (behind Gay), it could also make DeRozan expendable, in a deal for a starting PF. Fields & Ross would have the SG position covered.

    C: Valanciunas, Gray
    PF: player*, Johnson, Acy
    SF: Gay, Williams
    SG: Fields, Ross
    PG: Lowry, Ridnour, Lucas

    * whichever PF DeRozan is traded for (ie: Millsap?)
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