I was wondering if the good people of the republic would help develop a guide for others here as to what constitutes value combined with concrete examples. As the trade deadline approaches and Toronto continues to be active it might aid in the debate when considering if a player is worth it. I'll lift the examples from here and store them separately or submit them to one of the mods if they are interested. That way this can still be used as a discussion thread.

example of the format.


"Example. Jose Calderon 10 million dollar expiring deal used to facilitate trade for Rudy Gay

The appeal of the expiring contract is that it allows teams desperate to shed cap space, or a potentially bloated contract, to do so. These have value for the team holding the expiring deal because it makes them active targets for teams on both ends of the spectrum. Losing/rebuilding teams like them because it allows them to shed a bad or even just a bloated deal. With tax considerations teams in the upper echelon look to expiring deals to allow them to retool. Teams also factor this in when considering signing people in the first place. For instance if a significant free agent pool and draft class was accumulating for the 2015 off season, It might make sense to sign someone for above market value to a two year deal. Then during the season in the expiring year that contract can be used to either trade for picks, or just plain and simple let it come off the books."

please treat this in the same vein as a wiki if there is stuff you wish to add or things I have missed with respect to my own post you can quote it and add your change in bold.