I don't get why people say this kid is untouchable. I know he's athletic and could develop into a nice piece, but has anyone looked at his stats? His shooting is terrible and that's supposed to be his best trait (41% fg, 33% 3 pt). His handles are average at best, he doesn't have any size advantage at his postion, his defense, while better than expected, has not been great, and he's already showing an alarming desire to take long shots instead of trying to drive. He's average at best for a first rounder.

I'm not saying that Ross can't become a nice player, I think he could even be a starter eventually if he works hard, but the only reason you make a young player untouchable is if he looks like he is going to become a star for you, and that is not Ross.

His trade value is very high, and I think that if you get an oppurtunity to improve your team by using him in a package with a high priced player, you do it.