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After starting the year 1-17 vs. plus .500 teams (I think that is right, someone can correct me if wrong), the Raptors are now 2-2 vs. plus .500 teams since Gay's donning of Raptor gear.

Breaking down the games, we see:

LAC: blowout win.
MIA: 3 point game with 4 mins left.... let us forget the rest.
BOS: 4 point loss.
IND: tough OT, 2 point win.

I see reason for optimism beyond this season. I think Lowry is better than he is playing now. The Lowry that started the year (3 games is a small sample but also based on previous 2 seasons) is the Lowry I hope returns to Toronto soon. Then add in another quality big and the Raptors are looking good. If Gay can find his 3pt stroke (not to mention Fields), the Raptors are looking very good. His struggles shooting perplexes me because he does have such a nice stroke.

What do you think?
Definitely too soon, especially when you throw in that the Clips didn't have Paul and played like total garbage. There are some reasons for optimism, and with expected growth from JV and Ross, I think playoffs are a safe bet next year, even if it just means a low seed and getting creamed.
Would we have been a playoff team this year? Well, Bargs might have still gotten injured and we wouldn't have had Ed Davis. Same thing when Lowry went down Lucas would have possibly been our starter at times....*shivers* I think we still would have struggled to stay afloat, and with depth lacking, may have actually done worse.

In the end, the real improvement on this team depends on JV and Ross (to a lesser extent right now with Gay and Demar there). And there are still huge questions at PG, where Lowry has yet to regularly provide what the team needs...and I don't mean passing, I just mean the general quality of his play. If Bargs can be turned into assets that help us now and/or keep the team a bit more flexible moving forward, then I do think seeing JV/Ross taking a big step and rounding out the roster is a likely goal for Gay's final contract year. If by that time JV is averaging something ilke 15 and 10, and Ross brings a JR Smith type dimension (with better D and more sanity) off the bench, then they can talk about more than just being a first round playoff exit.