Trade 1:
Y!Sports says Phoenix is looking to move Sebastian Telfair for a second round pick. Since raptors can't afford to absorb his contract I thought something like this might work to address the backup pg situation

Raptors trade
Hamed Hadaddi
2014 Sacramento 2nd round pick

Raptors receive
Sebastian Telfair
Luke Zeller

Trade 2:
Apparently Chicago is interested in John lucas for Nate Robinson. However the way Robinson has been playing(Eastern Conference player of the week last week) I think Chicago would want more
Chicago trades:
Nate Robinson
Nazr Mohammed
Marquis Teague

Raptors trade
Alan Anderson
John Lucas
2014 Sacramento 2nd round pick

Mohammed and Teague are more for cap filler but Mohammed would be a good locker room presence or maybe backup center ahead of gray(both are pretty bad). Teague is a good prospect and there isn't enough room on the wings for Anderson to stay. Bulls get 3 point shooters which they have said they're after.

Trade 3:
Raptors trade:
Hamed Hadaddi
Alan Anderson
Pacers trade:
DJ Augustin

Augustin has not worked out as well as Indiana hoped this season and beyond George and Green, Pacers don't have ANY wings, so Anderson would be more valuable than Augustin at this point IMO.

Trade 4:
Raptors trades:
Aaron Gray
Sacramento 2014 2nd round pick
Sacramento trades:
Aaron Brooks is the odd man out in Sacramento with fredette and Thomas at the point. They have no backup C for Cousins right now so Gray would be a good fit.